Marcello Iaia

KNOX — Some farmers in Albany County are concerned because their fire-district taxes are higher than other taxes since local fire districts don’t offer agricultural exemptions.

BERNE — As a mother of three and a strong athlete, Traci M. Slingerland-Lee had a determination about having a good time, whether she was partying or relaxing with her boys at home.

“A rock. She was there to make sure everything was set and ready for whatever we had prepared or doing,” said her eldest son, Brandon Lee.

ALTAMONT — In a life spent working on farm machinery, Bruce Jacobs was caring and independent, maintaining his stride and compassion through adversity.

HILLTOWNS — While Westerlo last month demanded the repeal of the state’s gun-control law with a resolution that won applause and handshakes from citizens, town boards in Knox and Berne this week took more mild positions focused on public input.


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