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“These pages reflect a newspaper firmly rooted in the local soil,” wrote the judges of Enterprise opinion pages entered in the annual New York Press Association contest. “The lead editorial is always a nice piece of writing, and on the many, many pages that follow, community members weigh in with lively election debates, folksy columns, claims and counterclaims, many which carry editorial notes and responses from the other side of the fence. Other editorial sections are more carefully pruned, but here the pages are an organic thicket that serves the community well.”

Setting aside symbols of antagonism and looking for common ground is the best way forward.

Besides our empathy for indigenous people hurt by megadams, we also have concerns about the lack of scientific support that would make it clear this type of hydropower is good for the environment.

If parents and newspaper editors can no longer be gatekeepers, we can instead embrace the modern mission of educating our kids and our community on the best way to express ourselves and how to best stand up to those who use hateful, hurtful words.