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We have no way of knowing how many businesses — from small, independent ones to large malls — will close or see their sales greatly reduced in the wake of the coronavirus shutdown. We do know that a large chunk of the revenues that ran the towns and villages we cover may well be reduced.

Now is a time — as we’ve seen with false information coming from the White House — that public science and scientists need to be insulated from political meddling and retaliation. It is crucial in the midst of the pandemic that the public be accurately informed.

The United States Post Office was critical to the American colonies in winning their independence from England and it grew with the nation as mail traveled by horseback, by stagecoach, by steamship, by train, and by plane. We need to ensure that it continues to connect us in this digital age when the current pandemic has underlined our need for a method of physical delivery and connection.

For the 10th time, Enterprise editor Melissa Hale-Spencer was recognized among the best opinion writers in the weekly press.