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Here and now, in the midst of this pandemic, we have a situation where the most basic liberties — for example, to assemble — must be curtailed for the good of all.

“Comprehensive plans, which define a community’s vision and establish long-range goals and land-use strategies for achieving that vision, directly impact economic development.”

We should not resort to politics as usual but rather insist that our elected representatives in federal government work together to be sure resources are spent wisely and delivered equitably.

The census bureau updates participation numbers regularly on its website and encourages communities to challenge each other. Albany County’s rate was 44.6 percent. Here are the self-response rates for the towns covered by The Enterprise, with the highest scores listed first: Guilderland is at 52.5 percent, New Scotland is at 50.9 percent, Knox is at 45.7 percent, Westerlo is at 36.3 percent, Berne is at 31.0 percent, and Rensselaerville is at 26.3 percent.

The virus is indiscriminately killing people, particularly the old and vulnerable. And yet, isolated as we now must be, people are sharing and helping others.