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Our flag represents each of us: Those who were born in this country and fought in wars to defend it like my husband’s father and my own father, and those who are new to this country or who were pacifists and objected to wars.

Civil discourse requires humbleness and an appreciation for another’s viewpoints and experiences. It avoids excessive persuasion and direct antagonism. It eschews hostility.

“I’ve been privileged to do a lot of things,” said Pauline Williman. “This is paying back … the Lord told us to feed his people. I’ve had many blessings; I’ll try to feed people in return.”

Similar to the awakening, which took place globally over decades, to the threat of climate change caused by humans, we need an awakening to the threat caused by now-accepted chemicals.

We encourage our local school districts, all of them, to make black history an integral part of social studies curricula as well as lessons taught in other subjects.