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Once New Scotland’s land-use plan is updated, the town board needs to codify it into zoning law.

Voorheesville’s planning commission was both wise and brave not to buckle under Stewart’s threat of a suit if it required an in-depth environmental review of its plan to build a shop with gas pumps in the village, across from an elementary school and backing up to the Vly Creek. Such a review is needed.

Rather than looking to expand the landfill in Colonie or to regionalize for a bigger landfill elsewhere, Albany County needs to pass laws that required people to do what needs to be done — divert the waste that can be recycled or used productively as compost. San Francisco provides a workable model that we can follow.

The death of another teenager on Hurst Road — a place teens have gone for generations to drive fast, flying over the humps — calls for action. The road should be re-graded.

Regulations to protect migratory birds are in place because they are needed. However, permits must be issued in a timely fashion.