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On Monday, Oct. 20, my granddaughter, Kassi Neal, had the day off and we spent it together at my house. My daughter, Marcia Pangburn, called and told me her lawyer, Louis Oliver called, and she had to appear in the Berne court the next day.

I had two doctors’ appointments planned so I had to change one.

Prior to becoming a stay at home mother, I worked on Elk St. in Albany. In the morning, on my way to work, I drove past the Freihofer Bakery and was tantalized by the wonderful aroma wafting through the air of their fresh baked bread.

On Monday, Oct. 13, I was thinking about the events 58 years ago. It was my wedding day. A Methodist minister in the parsonage married Ray and me in Hartford, N.Y. Ray’s sister, Betty Bates and my brother, Len Richardson were our attendants.

Years ago, when we first moved into the village of Altamont, my husband, Jim, was concerned about our moving from a large city to a small village. My evenings and days off in Hartford were spent with friends, the Hartford Ballet Company, and the Junior Woman’s Club.

On Sunday, Sept. 29, the five children of Warren and Wilma Willsey took them to the Apple Barrel in Schoharie to celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary.

During our trip to the Florida Days meeting in Sanibel, Fla., Jim and I had an opportunity to explore the area and see some of the attractions of Southwest Florida.