There are two truths to each and every issue

To the Editor:

This is in response to the editorial in the Nov. 2 issue, “Hate and Intolerance are masquerading as traditional values.”

Paragraph 2 says, “Knowing the truth should help us to see what is real. But, too often, we pick out just the facts that reinforce the views we’ve always held or the views that those closest to us hold.”

Paragraph 3 says, “In cases of prejudice, seeing a person as an individual rather than a stereotype, a preconceived notion about a group of people, should inform us.”

From what I read in your editorial, “if you know the truth” this should help you see what is real — am I correct? I also read Ms. Jacqueline Hallock’s first letter and the follow-up responding letters and her most recent letter. Her hatred is (from what I read) based on fear — fear of children being sexually abused, which we cannot deny exists. There are people who will use any excuse to pursue their own sexual desires for children — let’s be honest here!

Ms. Hallock is referring to the normal bathrooms, like in schools marked “girls” or “boys” or in malls and restaurants marked “women” or “men.”

She is not referring to the single-use gender-neutral bathrooms (the same ones mentioned by Superintendent Marie Wiles, “Guilderland now has 12 all-gender bathrooms” — I believe referring to single-use) — why can I see this and not you? Is it such a political issue that we again do not try to see where someone else is coming from? We must see the full truth, not only part of it!

Paragraph 5 says, “Civil discourse based on truth is the way to move forward.” I ask “based on whose truth?” There are two sides of every truth — correct?

In Paragraph 4, you write: “We wonder if people feel they can unleash inner rage because our president so often encourages it.”

And, in Paragraph 14 you write: “We wrote on this space in early March, just after President Trump rescinded protections for transgender students that had allowed them to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity.’

Again, there are two sides — if the political agenda were removed, you would see that by doing what President Trump did freed up schools to go for the single-gender bathrooms! There are two sides, two truths to each and every issue!

There is no “civil discourse” on either political side — it is either: “I’m right — you’re wrong” or, “you’re wrong — I’m right.” But there is one thing we should be able to agree on: We should not be teaching hatred to our children, shooting or beating a person up or bullying but this happens daily even  more so in the political arena. If adults cannot talk like mature people then how can you teach children not to bully etc. when the adults teach just the opposite?

If “civil discourse” is based on truth, truth is a five-letter word but for many means half-truth (this is a better definition). A biology/scientific/medical lesson: Boys have a penis; girls have a vagina — truth. As children there is puberty — yikes. And as we age, the dreaded menopause (female, and yes, male).

Parents should be the ones who are teaching their children, not political groups or agendas. I harbor no hate for anyone. We are talking about children here, not adults who have graduated from senior high school. Children should be allowed to be children, not advocates for political groups, not marching in protest parades, not being brainwashed; i.e., “But, too often, we pick just that facts that reinforce the views we’ve always held or the views that those closest to us hold.”

Again, truth be told, the majority of problems in our schools are caused by adult political issues.

Let children grow to be the children they become and turn into the adults they want to be without any group; i.e., LBGTQ or political group brainwashing them. Who is afraid to let this happen?

That being said, I agree you make a good point about how you feel about transgender people but you never mention the NAMBLA [North American Man/Boy Love Association] group. To me, I would like more of the whole truth printed. Like I said, there are always two sides to every issue.

As a closing paragraph, I am very surprised others do not speak up. Children are a precious gift; they need our love, our protection. They need to be allowed to be children. Where are you?

Donna Fisher

Howe Cave

Editor’s note: The federal directive from the Obama administration, which was very similar to what New York State already had in place, required schools “to provide a safe and nondiscriminating environment for all students, including transgender students.”

On Feb. 22, 2017, President Donald Trump rescinded protections for transgender students that, among many other protections, had let them use bathrooms corresponding to their gender identities.

New York State’s policies on nondiscrimination remain in place.


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