Man up, and mask up

To the Editor:

I was struck by the many heartfelt letters in tribute to Westerlo resident Anita Marrone, whom I did not know, but whose death from COVID-19 clearly made a powerful impact on my community.

In her memory, and the memory of dear friends I have lost to the virus, I would like to ask that the town of Westerlo begin to rigorously enforce its mask mandate at the transfer station. Every single time I go there to dispose of my trash, guys drive their trucks right up to the Dumpster (yes, it is always men, and always in pickups) and carry on conversations, stubbornly unmasked, despite the signs clearly posted on the entrance gates saying masks are required for entry.

This has been going on for months now. As the virus seeps deeper into the Hilltowns, hitting closer and closer to home, it is no time for partisan stances around something as basic as protecting others.

Some residents have compromised immune systems and particularly deserve consideration. They should be able to dispose of their refuse without the stress that comes from having to be in close proximity to those who continually disregard mask mandates.

Now is the time to be more vigilant and compliant, not less. I ask every citizen to please keep this in mind as they go about their daily lives. Honor those who have passed away from this terrible disease, and protect your neighbor. Man up, and mask up.

Katherine Dieckmann



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