High hopes for balance to be restored to Berne board

To the Editor:

The town of Berne has two board-member seats soon to be vacated and we are faced with electing replacements we hope will do a good job. As a registered Democrat residing in Berne, one would think I will vote the party line and be done with it. However, I have never voted along party lines; I vote for the candidates I believe will do the best job in office.

Unfortunately, this election, like others in recent history, has been marred by the constant negative press. We have our own little soap opera going on in the town of Berne. It is my opinion that people have become so focused on proving their point, meeting their own agenda, or destroying a person’s reputation through rumors and half-truths, they are no longer working in the best interest of townspeople of Berne.

I admit, I am not perfect; I myself have made mistakes, so over the past few years I have repented, I weigh out all options and opinions, hear all sides as they say, but I am also not an elected official.

In the upcoming election: There are four candidates running for the two seats, each bringing to the table their life experiences, values, morals, and personality. There are three that I can stand behind without question, Bonnie Conklin, Brian Bunzey and Mathew Harris; this means I have quite the dilemma come Election Day.

I, of course, could list out my reasons to vote for any two out of the three, but really who really cares what I think; if you know these individuals, you know why they each deserve my vote. I say each voter should exercise their right to choose whomever they believe will do the best job once elected, the persons they feel will bring healthy debate back to our town board, those who will stand up for the townspeople and represent us at the table. Let your voice be heard; get out and vote!

To our departing members, Karen Schimmer and Dawn Jordan, I personally thank you for the years you devoted to serving our community. A little extra thank-you to Karen for being a good neighbor; we may not have always agreed on the way she voted or sided as a member of the town board, but that never stopped her from being neighborly.

To all the candidates I wish you well and know, as a resident and taxpayer of Berne, I have high hopes those elected will look to restore the balance to our town board. 

Robin Meszaros-Becker


Editor’s note: Our coverage is not written to be positive or negative; rather, it is written to reflect what is happening in a community.

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