Did you honestly think about your words being printed?

To the Editor:

We VonHauggs are very serious about wanting elected officials who serve all of Knox. That is, again, why we support Vas [Lefkaditis], June [Springer], Dennis [Cyr], Bonnie [Donati], Betty [Walk], and Traci [Schanz] this year. We voted out the past administration because they did not serve us all.

To Mrs. McAuliffe, how about instead of gossip and asking about a candidate through a potentially biased person (not firsthand, as you state), ask or do research directly about that candidate yourself? [“Remove the disease that has infected Knox,” letter to the editor, The Altamont Enterprise, Oct. 17, 2018]

To claim that you hear things so unspeakable that they supposedly cannot be aired publicly in this paper is absolutely pathetic. Do not sit there and claim these things if you are too afraid to even say them out loud.

Mrs. Springer specifically has a wonderful Facebook group (June Springer for Knox Town Council) to educate voters on the reasons she is running, hear and answer your questions directly, and outline her accomplishments. Let me list a few accomplishments taken directly from her own page:

— Manager of Berne-Knox-Westerlo Little League for 12 years;

— BKW Board of Education member for five years and one year as president;

— Sunday-school teacher for 15 years;

— Member of various town committees;

— Past small-business experience with her family restaurant; and

— Manager of Diversified Automotive since 2004.

Again, these are just a few things she has listed but if you take the time to talk to her, she will gladly go into detail and list more things than we just did. All of those listed roles require attention to detail, leadership to ensure things run smoothly, and the ability to listen to people, including those that may disagree with her.

She has raised a wonderful family here in Knox and we know that, if elected, she will hold herself to the highest standards.

Now let’s look at Dennis Cyr. Dennis proudly served our country in the United States Navy and has had the opportunity to live in various countries and different towns. He has over 30 years of business experience, with 14 years of managing staff members

Dennis has owned his own small business, which was operated out of his home in Knox for 12 years. This means he recognizes the unique challenges Knox faces for home occupations. He has been active in Knox, also on various committees that seek to enrich our experiences here in town.

I (Sue) have been able to personally see the contributions he has made on committees (specifically the Pucker Street Fair Committee) and know first-hand his diligence and the work ethic he possesses.

So please, again, tell us what about June’s or Dennis’s accomplishments that we listed (or other accomplishments not listed here) are so egregious that you would not want to air publicly in this paper? Tarnishing a person’s accomplishments simply because they run on the same party line as someone you dislike is not a reason.

Mrs. McAuliffe’s claims that Vas is a misogynist is simply unfathomable. The fact she uses such a strong and divisive word so loosely, without fact or reasons is disturbing.

It is unbelievable to see we have been brought down to the national level of political name-calling and labeling when we simply disagree with someone. Just because someone may not be a fan of you specifically, does not mean that they are a misogynist.

Did you honestly think about your words being printed and the potential effect they have on his own kids and wife? Absolutely shameful.

We have never met someone more kind, respectful, encouraging and uplifting to women. In fact, it was one of the reasons I (Sue) decided to join the successful Pucker Street Fair Committee and could not be happier.

One interesting thing we witnessed at the last board meeting was the back-and-forth about Mrs. [Amy] Pokorny’s claims that Vas “may” have potential business dealings in the, now dead, MRD near routes 156 and 157. Just because Vas is in that type of work and the MRD had to do with the potential for businesses, there was concern?

It doesn’t matter whether it was suggested as mere conjecture or an actual concern, it was pure gutter politics. You could easily make the same types of claims about anyone really.

Maybe the voters should keep an eye on Mr. [Russell] Pokorny, candidate for supervisor, and his role as president of Helderberg Community Energy and the fact that his goals for the town (from his own website) state that he wants to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, seek grants for green energy, and provide information about renewable energy options.

We guess that means there “may” be potential personal interest there, too, should any of these types of things show up if he wins the election. We aren’t saying we are against such possibilities, just that voters should keep an eye on a potential conflict. And again, it is merely conjecture we are talking about, that’s it.

Please, before the election, speak to the candidates directly, ask your questions, air your concerns, and then vote on who will help keep Knox moving forward. We again, firmly believe they are the candidates running on the Republican, Conservative, and Independence lines who will put the people over party.

Sue, Matt,

and Marleana



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