New Scotland is unfriendly to small businesses

To the Editor:

The recent passing of a town law banning all digital signs in town is just the latest indicator that New Scotland is “Not Open for Small Business.”

This law was quickly, unanimously passed to thwart the requests of two new businesses in the town: Olsen’s Self Storage, and Track 32 Restaurant. Both of these businesses wanted simple, unobtrusive signs and were willing to work with the town on design and architecture.

These businesses have invested in our town to build the good, clean businesses that we desire, yet are rewarded with endless hurdles. Track 32 alone has been open for almost a year and has no sign after over 10 public meetings with the town’s boards.

The new motto for the town should be: “Come and build it and we will make you wish you hadn’t done it in our town.”

If New Scotland doesn’t change its attitude and work with, not against, current and future businesses, there will soon be none left! Or, maybe that’s what the current town boards want?

Tim Stanton

Feura Bush

Editor’s note: Tim Stanton signed his letter, “Farm and Business Owner.” A former New Scotland Republican chairman, he is currently running, on the Republican line, for a seat in the Albany County Legislature.

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