Do you want your town back?

To the Editor:
I have lived in Berne for over five decades — this is my home town. There were times when neighbors would disagree but we never lost the small-town vibe of neighborliness and we still had a strong sense of community.

The past four years have been a shameful display of partisanship, bullying, name-calling, outright lies and complete lack of fiduciary responsibility. The residents of the town have been victims of closed doors, closed minds, and a blatant lack of transparency.

We, the people of the town of Berne, elect our town officials to work for us; this is not a monarchy. We live in a democracy and our elected officials need to observe the rules.

Do you want your town back? Do you want accountability and respect brought back?

I encourage you to vote row “A” for the Democratic candidates who will work for us and have the best interests for the town as their agenda:

“Berne Working Together”

Peggy Christman for town supervisor; Jean Guarino for town clerk; Jennifer Merrill-Fuller for town board; Tim Lippert for town board; Pat Martin for town board; Barbara Kennedy for highway superintendent; Debra Flagler for tax collector; Melanie Bunzey for assessor; Hon. Alan Zuk for town justice; Hon. Albert E. Raymond for town justice.

JoAnne Brady

East Berne

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