If you don’t vote, you shouldn’t complain about the government

To the Editor:

Democracy is not a spectator sport.

When our country was just starting out, in order to vote, you had to be an adult male, who owned property, and be “reasonably” well-educated.

Women marched down Albany’s State Street, as well as in other cities, in order to win the right to vote. Years later, as a college student in Seattle, who had just turned 21, I had to prove to a lawyer that I was qualified to vote.

Today it is much easier to become a voter.

The League of Women Voters has cited several elections that were decided by just one vote. Not all states have early voting, but in New York we are lucky to have it.

This October, I will participate in early voting for the first time. It's convenient, safe, and I'm confident my vote will count.

If you don’t vote, in my view, you shouldn’t complain about the government. Voting is not only your right; it is your responsibility.

Janice Livingston


Editor’s note: Janice Livingston notes she is a longtime member of the League of Women Voters of Albany County.

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