Free press is one of the best guarantors of democracy

To the Editor:

For a small weekly publication, The Altamont Enterprise continues to punch above its weight, providing an enormous public service to the communities of Albany County and neighboring areas.

Without The Enterprise’s stalwart reporting, it’s reasonable to assume that both the iconic Picard and the Bender melon farms would have been well on their way to land-clearing, paving, and “development.”

Likewise, without the careful and accurate reporting of The Enterprise, the bullying and mob tactics employed on some town boards against decent public officials and local residents would not have been widely known.

The paper provides an enduring record for future generations of who defended the truth and lawful procedure — and who “waffled” at the moment of decision.

Each week, The Enterprise provides its readers an array of letters representing a wide spectrum of views, from the “calls of conscience” of Tim Albright and Sarah Gordon to the brief, pointed statements of George Pratt.

In short, not only does The Enterprise demonstrate on a local scale that a free press is not the “enemy of the people” — but that in fact it is one of the best guarantors of democracy, rule of law, and justice for all citizens.    

Ed Rosen


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