The Confederate flag is unpatriotic

To the Editor:

The ignorance and disregard for others shown by Republicans in our society who insist on displaying the Confederate flag responds to President Trump’s bold statement of how he “loves the uneducated.”

Yes, that is what he said.

Appalling but true. He loves the uneducated because, if you are knowledgeable, you may come to understand his deception and recognize when he is lying!

President Trump is a dangerous con man!

White supremacists fly the Confederate flag to show their racism. Mostly displaying the flag is bragging to their fellow racists. I never met a white supremisist who was a Democrat. Not all Republicans are white supremisist racists, but all white supremisist racists are Republicans.

If you are a Republican, have you ever wondered why they are attracted to your party? You know why!

Because your party courts that kind of divisive behavior.

The Confederate flag is an attractive flag, but it has so many negative connotations.

The flag is racist in its symbolism. It is also a representation of men who could be considered treasonist, sessionist, and undemocratic.

The issue I want to address for my Republican friends and countrymen is, the Confederate flag is unpatriotic. Republicans who display the Confederate flag dishonor our fallen heroes and veterans.

Every veteran of the Civil War who fought on the winning side of these United States of America are violated every time the Confederate flag is displayed. Our cemeteries are populated by good and honorable men who fought and died under the flag of the United States of America.

They were fighting to defeat the ideals and symbolism behind the Confederate flag and the men who stood for it. Confederates were traitors to our Democracy, racists, secessionists, and a force that tried to divide these United States, instead of accepting laws and rights created by our Constitution and Declaration of Independence and a democratic process.

An important point is that the Confederates lost the war! Republicans following Donald Trump seem to be OK with his disrespect for our fallen military. Donald Trump said of Senator John McCain’s time in a prisoner of war camp that he, the president, didn’t like soldiers who got caught!

It was reported that Donald Trump didn’t attend a ceremony in France to honor World War I U.S. soldiers because it was raining and his hair would get wet and he didn’t want people to see that.

Staff members who were close to Trump said he called the soldiers who died giving their lives for America, “losers” and “suckers.” If you don't believe that he said it, then you are a damned fool given his overwhelming record of false statements and lying.

Look at the well-known and former leading Republicans who are fleeing from Trump.

General James Mattis came out publicly to say President Trump is dividing the nation and doesn’t even try to hide it. General Colin Powell said the president is a repeat liar; General John Kelly and General H.R. McMaster both reflect on President Trump’s behavior with negativity and concern for where he is leading us.

John Bolton, appointed by Trump as United States National Security Advisor and a well-known staunch Republican, said Trump is a threat to our nation and should not be given another four years.

So, when you’re displaying your Confederate flag for whatever reason, we educated people will take note of you and know that you disrespect our Civil War veterans and their families, as well as their descendants.

I can only hope that the Civil War veterans who are buried throughout the Hilltowns and our county and state will rise up in spirit and come to you and explain why you have offended them.

Stop dishonoring our Civil War veterans! Bury the Confederate flag! They lost the war for good reasons.

Timothy J. Albright


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