The Republican Party doesn’t protect women’s rights

To the Editor:

Pat Strong is running against George Amedore for the 46th District New York State Senate seat. Pat is a successful business women from Kingston who specializes in helping clients achieve greater energy efficiency.

I had the opportunity to hear Pat speak on a couple of occasions. She is bright, straightforward, and has a good sense of humor. It is obvious that she has a clear understanding of the challenges that face us upstaters and New Yorkers in general.

It would appear that Republicans are planning to repeal Roe v. Wade. After Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, New York never replaced its outdated law to be in accordance with the new federal statute that insured a woman’s reproductive choice.

In March 2018, the Senate Health Committee blocked a vote on the Reproductive Health Act which has left women in this state vulnerable. The Republican Party doesn’t protect women’s rights.

On these and many other issues, Republicans are out of step with changes that most Americans seek, including environmental protection, universal health care, and protecting civil rights for our minorities. Pat Strong would like to have a public debate with Mr. Amedore so voters can have a clear understanding of where each candidate stands on the issues.

The 46th District was gerrymandered by Republicans to give themselves a strong electoral advantage. Pat Strong needs everyone to get out and vote for safe, common-sense reform. Check out her website: Vote Pat Strong.

Paul Scilipoti


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