Altamont Enterprise October 4, 1918


— While the 12:27 train, from Binghamton, was standing at the crossing in Altamont, Monday noon, a large touring car which had descended the hill above the village crashed through one of the crossing gates and struck the train. The impact of the collision caused the motor car to rebound several feet, which probably saved the occupants of the machine from serious if not fatal injury. The train was about to start when the crash came, and if the auto had become entangled with the car it would have been dragged for some distance. The driver of the auto stated that the accident was caused by the failure of the brakes to work. The car, a Mercer, was damaged to the extent of a smashed radiator and a dented mudguard, but after a few repairs was able to continue its journey. The occupants of the car are said to be residents of Unadilla.

— The weather of the past week has been noticeable for its many changes. Farmers find the ground almost too wet for fall work, particularly potato digging and fall plowing. As a result of the continued wet weather fall pasturing and grass and grain are looking fine.

— The residence of the late Charles Loucks, on Lark street, recently sold to parties in Albany, has passed into the hands of the Catholic diocese and will be used as a parsonage for the Rev. Walter Bazaar, the priest for Altamont and vicinity. Mr. Bazaar and mother are now moving into their new home.


On Saturday Master Arthur Lawton of Bethlehem and Alfred Campbell were driving through here with the fine new pacing Shetland pony and cart which was a gift of Mr. Campbell to his grandchildren, Miss Irene and Master Arthur Lawton.


William Frederick, who is employed at the Albany post office, is having his annual vacation.


— An aeroplane passed over this place on Wednesday evening, Sept. 18. It was visible for more than half an hour.

— Charles Van Alstyne cut two bee trees last week. From one he obtained 59 pounds of honey and from the other 84 pounds.


Cayton LeGallez, while cranking his automobile in Albany Saturday, had the misfortune to break his right arm in three places. On Monday the X-ray was used on the injured member and the bones were set at the Albany City hospital.


Some say they have heard something about wedding bells.

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