Looking for answers on synthetic turf

To the Editor:

I spoke during the public-comment period at the Guilderland School Board’s meeting on Sept. 14 and asked four questions about the planned synthetic turf field at the high school.

I wanted to know how the synthetic turf would be disposed of after it wore out in about 10 years. Since synthetic turf is not biodegradable, is unsafe to incinerate, and will slowly release microplastic particles into the soil and groundwater; this is a matter of serious concern.

I asked what infill, the material that goes between the plastic grass blades to hold them up, will be used. I also inquired what maintenance would be required for the field and whether it would include the use of biocides, which could be herbicides, insecticides, or antimicrobials.

I told the board I realized they could not answer those questions on the spot, but hoped to get them soon. I was assured that the answers would be posted on the school district website. As of the time this issue goes to press, no answers have appeared.

Edna Litten


Editor’s note: See related editorial. Edna Litten helped form the local Plastics-Free Future group, inspired by a Bennington College course taught by Judith Enck.

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