RC spaghetti dinners resume. Make new friends and reunite with the old

— Photo by Ron Ginsburg

Celebration: Porter Bidleman is feted on his birthday at a First Monday Spaghetti Dinner. “These dinners really celebrate all our neighbors, including seniors and residents of our homes for the handicapped,” says Judi Dineen. “It’s just been an awesome thing.”

To the Editor:

Starting Oct. 2, the Altamont Reformed Church will resume its First Monday Spaghetti Dinners, which are offered free of charge each month for the Altamont community.

The dinners are held at the Church Hall on 129 Lincoln Ave. Meals are served from 5 to 6:30 p.m. and consist of homemade spaghetti, with or without meat sauce, salad, and bread. The menu is topped off with delicious homemade desserts and with coffee, tea, or lemonade.

This has been an invaluable community venue in which old friends reunite, and new friends are made!  The dinner is made possible by the wonderful volunteers and friends of the Altamont Reformed Church.

This month will be special as the new pastor, Matthew van Maastricht and his family will join us!  Please stop in.

Judi Dineen


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