Altamont Enterprise September 27, 1918


— W. L. Verch, of the Altamont garage, has just received a carload of commercial bodies for Ford cars. These are painted in maroon and blue colors. Anyone desirous of securing one of these should investigate at once.

— The old “Nelly Ann” Keenholts house, north of the village boundary, has been torn down and drawn away. Joseph Snyder was the purchaser and will use the lumber in the building for a new house on the Dutcher farm at the Bozenkill. Irving Reinhart had the job of tearing down the old building.

— The Altamont Cornet band has been holding rehearsals at Enterprise hall this week, preparing for the fourth Liberty Loan and the political campaigns to be carried on in the several towns in October. They will meet the War Relic train at Voorheesville next Monday afternoon and assist in the celebration at that place, after which they will play at Altamont when the train stops here that evening from 6:15 to 6:45.


— An invitation has been extended to the members of the Red Cross of this village, and to the congregation of the church, to go to Voorheesville on Monday, Sept. 30, and help welcome the soldiers who will visit Voorheesville that day. The soldiers will travel on a train which carries relics of the great war. Voorheesville is planning a big demonstration. Let us help them.

— We recently saw a request in a newspaper to “save all paper bags and sacks” and utilize them over and over again, as long as they will hold groceries or any other article. Take them with you when you go to purchase your goods, or send them with your orders. In this manner we will be doing another little bit in winning the war.


The Treasury department requests every school district in the United States, city, town and countryside to arrange for the celebration of the discovery of America with appropriate Harvest Home Festivals Oct. 12, the anniversary of the discovery of our country, as Liberty day.


STRAYED. Hound dog. Owner must identify. M. Z. Ostrander, Voorheesville.