The people should vote on Switzkill Farm

To the Editor:

The Altamont Enterprise had two pieces I thought were interesting. One was the editorial, “Hate the Politics, not the people.” [Sept. 13, 2018]. How do you separate one from the other when you had no voice in what they did? You take Switzkill Farm in Berne. The people had no say in the purchase, and now it looks like we have no say in what happens in how town money is being spent on it.

In my opinion, it should be put on the ballot for a vote by the people of Berne. Have it put up for a referendum vote.

Now, I’m a Democrat. Now it was the Democratic Party of the then — supervisor, Kevin Crossier, and Albany County. Let the county have it and spend its money.

We have a park we invested in. Maybe some more Democrats need to be replaced.

A people's vote is the only right thing to do — not having it shoved at us. The board in Berne has no respect for the townspeople.

Leo Bartell Sr.


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