VCSD leaders’ dedication has increased value for students and taxpayers

To the Editor:

I wrote this letter to the Voorheesville School Board, Superintendent Brian Hunt, and team after the district sent a letter to residents on recent accomplishments. (See related story.)

The high school’s accomplishments are outstanding, from: Project Lead the Way (for more jobs in engineering than science or math), to enhanced Work-Based Learning, to increased rigor in the 12th grade English classes.

The increase in participation in accelerated math and science accompanied by successful completion of the courses is a real testimony to the work going on in the middle school. As are the added classes and the ability of the middle-school teachers to focus on middle school.

The elementary school focus on managing homework is important for our students. Hopefully, the educators are making use of value-added / growth models in conjunction with curriculum mapping to inform instructional methods and content.

Eliminating athletic-event entrance fees for all and for senior residents the fees to attend drama and music events is well thought out and important. It increases participation while simultaneously recognizing that community members have already paid for these activities.

I thank all of you for the dedication you have to increasing the value proposition for our students and taxpayers.

David Gibson

Past Voorheesville School Board President

Current Voorheesville Library Board Member

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