You need to work together

To the Editor:

I left the mountains many years ago, so I don’t know all the people who are currently in charge in the town of Berne. I am an independent and try not to take sides. I do know what will tear down friendships and the town as a whole.

I am going to just touch on what I did for a career. I spent 47 years in the heavy civil construction business, so I do know the difference between design and practical application. Many of the projects I either supervised or managed were in the many millions of dollars, so I saw it all.

From what I have read recently, your town highway superintendent and the highway crew did the proper job of securing the site where the person drove [into an excavated hole on Bridge Road; The Altamont Enterprise, Aug. 22, 2019: “Minivan upended: Who’s at fault?”].

Now my point is that you don’t need a bunch of critical letters putting down the town’s current leadership; you need to work together to do what is expected of you, and that is to create an environment which will insure a well-run town.

Pretty simple if you put as much of an effort toward that goal instead of the path you are currently on.

Pete Buchardt

Englewood, Florida

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