We must clean the scams out of our country

To the Editor:
I’m trying to give strong advice about the scamming. I get calls regularly that I owe large amounts of money and it is the scammers instead! I just hang up on them as it isn’t any problem.

Here are the true facts of how to stop this ridiculous situation. Number one: the companies that are accepting the scams and giving them the products, need to in the first place contact the owner for correct coverage.

Once they give the scammers what they want, the rest of us are sent a message of Big Money.

The companies should not send any product without absolute proof of who they are legally. I’m now too old to have this problem. Also, I don’t have enough money to pay such prices.

We must clean the scams out of our country. They come here to get rich off of hard-working Americans. I’ll be 89 years old on Sept. 17.

This is not good for my health as I already have plenty of other concerns!

I’ve written two letters to President Biden and he has not done anything about it!

We seriously need some very strong laws that the companies check out the situation and person they are billing. America is too good to be in this state of affairs and I’m sure I’m not the only one that has this type of problem.

It starts with the company doing a better job of the situation. Especially with strong government backup. Let’s begin to be real Americans, fighting for our livelihood each day.

Beatrice Rucinski


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