Bipartisan opposition to a failed policy should be valued

To the Editor:
The highly partisan attack letter last week in The Enterprise against local GOP lawmakers’ firm opposition to so-called “criminal justice reforms” warrants setting the record straight. We believe the bail reform package passed by the state legislature that puts more criminals on the street puts the public at greater risk.

The letter’s co-authors call this opposition “red meat to your political base.” Really?

The Albany County sheriff, one of the region’s most respected Democratic leaders, said bail reform is “mayhem” and the crime increase is a “culmination of failed policies from Albany (state legislature).” The Democratic district attorney opposed the reform package as does Democratic Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara. Indeed, such bipartisan opposition to a failed policy should be something we value.

In May, right here in Albany County, a judge set $1 bail for a murder suspect. The attack letter attempted to diminish clarity on the topic with references to six national issues unrelated to criminal-justice reform here.

This attempt at deflection underscores the writers’ weak argument. What is additionally disappointing, the writers did not present what position current Democratic elected leaders in Guilderland have on the issue. Keeping our constituents as safe as possible will always be a top priority. No amount of partisanship will ever change that.

Mark Grimm

Albany County legislator


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