We should give credit where credit is due

To the Editor:

The article last week about why the smaller parties endorsed the Democrats in the upcoming town elections was very well done by The Enterprise, but I can’t help but respond to the claims that were attributed to the current town board and supervisor that really aren’t reasons to endorse these candidates.  I feel we should give credit where credit is due.

I have been involved in town development and community activities for the many years I have lived here, and know how many people were actually involved in the accomplishments cited by the Independence and Conservative parties that are attributed to either the current or past supervisor or the town board.

It is easy to generalize; while the town board with any members is sitting, technically everything that happens in Guilderland can be attributed to them, but people must realize that should include past board members Brian Forte, Al Michaels, Mark Grimm, and Warren Redlich, too.  And Supervisor Kenneth Runion.

The sidewalks, park improvements, minimal tax increases and the business-friendly zoning changes were accomplished over several years by dozens of people.

Who is to say what new elected officials could or could not do?

I just wanted to make sure we are fairly crediting who does what here, that we give credit to the groups of people that make things happen here in Guilderland, and that we are open to getting new people and their new ideas and initiatives a chance.

Katherine Burbank


Editor’s note: Katherine Burbank, an enrolled Conservative, is running on the Republican ticket for a seat on the Guilderland Town Board. In the Sept. 12 primaries, all four council candidates appear on the Conservative ballot; just the Democratic candidates’ names appear on the Independence Party ballot with two opportunities to ballot.

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