Enough of business as usual: Vote for Plotsky

To the Editor:

Will the real Darrell Duncan please stand up? Mr. Duncan sent a letter to his constituents with his signature. The almost identical letter appears as a letter to the editor in The Altamont Enterprise signed by Mr. Bob Prentiss.

Was either letter ever written by Mr. Duncan? Nearly the only difference between the letters was the pronoun used.

Additionally, the initiatives claimed by Mr. Duncan were not started by him, but by others. Mr. Duncan neglects to mention that he voted against a ban on nepotism and voted against expanding the polystyrene ban.

How is he representing the interests of the people of New Scotland and Bethlehem if he is not taking the environment into consideration? Who of his constituents is actually in favor of nepotism, except possibly his own family?

Mr. Duncan was not voted into the legislature, but appointed by the powers-that-be. Now is the time for the voters to have their say and decide if they want to keep Mr. Duncan, who is against environmental measures and supports nepotism, to remain as our county legislator.

We all have a choice. We can elect someone who is supported by the Democratic machine to carry on business as usual, or we can select someone who is truly independent. Enough of business as usual.

Vote for Vicky Plotsky on Sept. 12. We have the opportunity to make real change in the Albany political machine. Vicky is a highly educated attorney, hard-working, thoughtful, and caring.  She’s a straight shooter if there ever was one.

Wolfgang Kurth


Editor’s note: Darrell Duncan responded, commenting on his campaign letter to residents, “I wrote the letter.” He said he had been unaware of the duplication. Referring to Robert Prentiss, Duncan said, “He probably got a copy of it.”

Prentiss, who is a New Scotland Democratic committeemen, said that Doug Miller, the committee chairman, had called and asked him to send a letter to the Enterprise editor. “He sent me some copy, with factual information. It was incomplete without an opening or end to it … I rewrote the copy sent to me … I signed the letter and emailed it,” Prentiss said.

Miller confirmed he had sent material to Prentiss. “It’s a letter of support like everyone else writes,” he said.

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