I have never been abused by anyone in the Catholic Church

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to the three front-page articles, published in your newspaper issue from Aug. 22, 2019.

Was it really necessary to place all three articles concerning claims against our former priests, along with the photo of our cherished former Bishop, Howard Hubbard? This almost smacks of what the rag papers, like the “Enquirer,” would place on their front page.

I am aware that the church is in turmoil and found the articles very informative. However, I speculate that those who may have real distaste for the traditions and doctrines of my religion may have only focused on the sensationalized headlines.

Myself, I’ve never personally been abused by anyone within the church, whether a priest or a nun, and I do realize these problems are not exclusive to my religion.

I had hesitated to write, believing those more articulate than myself would respond to your front page. Since no one has, I am sending this mainly to rid myself of the inner anger I have felt.

Lastly, I for one will never believe that the beloved Bishop Hubbard has ever abused anyone.

Mary L. McGann

St. Lucy/St. Bernadette



Editor’s note: We put the most important news on our front page. The lead story, with the banner headline “Albany Diocese says it has worked for 17 years to right wrongs of abuse,” focused on church initiatives to help survivors of abuse and minimize future abuse.

The two stories on the bottom of the front page were about two Guilderland-related lawsuits:

“Five adult siblings claim a childhood of abuse by the priest who kept them as his secret family”;

“Guilderland man accuses: Father Jupin raped me at 13.”

Both were based on the allegations in the lawsuits, neither were sensationalized.

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