GPD review committee is not balanced

To the Editor:

I read the article titled “Guilderland Chief McNally sees police reform as ‘super positive’” [The Altamont Enterprise, Aug. 26, 2020].

This was a well presented article with much commentary on procedures and philosophy by the chief.  After George Floyd’s murder, I sent a letter to The Altamont Enterprise regarding the “duty to intervene” as it applies to individual policemen regarding interaction with their colleagues [“Police provisions on paper must be continually re-enforced,” The Altamont Enterprise, June 25, 2020].

This is so important and must be stressed by this committee.

I looked carefully at the membership of the police committee. It appears to be very top heavy with administrators or former law-enforcement people. With that said, the inclusion of Mr. [Willie] Dean and Mr. [Harjup] Singh is certainly a positive.

I would suggest that you go a step further and seek out individuals who have had actual interaction with our local police either as an accused and/or convicted person or part of a dispute that required police presence. These people should be part of the committee. Their perspective is important as well. As it now sits, this committee is not balanced. 

I wish all of the participants of this committee well in their endeavors regarding this important topic. I hope that additional members representing the above interest can be added.

John B. Haluska


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