Why is requiring an ID card voter suppression?

To the Editor:
I am a registered Democrat and am so confused as to why the leaders in Washington keep saying that requiring an ID card at the voting booth is voter suppression. If that is the case then why:

— Is it not health-care suppression when I am required to show an ID card to get a COVID shot?

— Is it not free-travel suppression when I am required to show an ID card when boarding a plane?

— Is it not financial suppression when showing an ID card to withdraw money at a bank?

— Is it OK to suggest that we show ID cards along with proof of COVID vaccination when entering certain venues?

And yes, I have my shot and am eagerly awaiting the booster.

As I mentioned in a previous letter, it is legal to register to vote in more than one place and that puts doubt in our system [“We must restore confidence in our voting system,” Dec. 10, 2020]. Not being required to prove who you are only adds to the doubt.

I would argue that people will accept outcomes they don’t like if they believe in the security of the system.

David Erickson


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