GOP, through silence, condones January 6 insurrection

To the Editor:

It was interesting to learn from the Albany County Republican legislators that “Criminal justice reforms are causing crime surge” [Letter to the Editor, The Altamont Enterprise, Aug. 26, 2021].

These are the same people who have, by their collective silence, condoned the Republican-sponsored Jan. 6 insurrection at our nation’s capitol. What brazen hypocrisy!

If these legislators wish to have any moral and ethical standing they need to answer some questions:

— Will you publicly state that Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris are our duly elected president and vice president?

— Will you publicly renounce the continued attempts to undermine the election (Arizona and Pennsylvania as examples) by Republican functionaries?

— Will you publicly condemn the allies of the Republican party such as the Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, and 3 Percenters as well as Qanon?

— Will you call out the stupidity of the Albany County Republican leaders in chartering a bus to Washington on Jan. 6 to indulge in Donald Trump’s fantasies?

— Will you condemn the national Republican leadership who wish to subvert the rights of people, particularly Black and brown people, to have access to the right to vote? (Florida and Texas as prime examples.)

— Will you publicly condemn the arrogance and stupidity of those anti-vaccine and anti-mask people who have no regard for the health and welfare of their fellow Americans?

It is sad to see the two Republican legislators from Guilderland, Mr. Jeff Perlee and Mr. Mark Grimm, endorsing this political rope-a-dope. When you Republicans start to get serious about your complicit role in endorsing the activities of Jan. 6, then the rest of us will pay attention to what you have to say.

Until then, continue to throw red meat to your political base. The rest of us are not buying it.

John B. Haluska

Sherry D. Haluska



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