Altamont Enterprise: Sept. 2, 1921


— Tuesday next is the first day of school. Get your pads and pencils ready, children, and make a good start. 

— Urban White is building a new dwelling west of this village. On Thursday he had a “Bee,” and the roof was shingled in quick order. 

— F. W. Wilber spent the week end on a fishing trip to Indian Lake. 



— Services has been resumed in the church, after a month’s closing, during the absence of the pastor, Rev. L. Randall. 

— Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Chappell called on friends here Friday on their return from a year’s motor tour of the United States. Mr. and Mrs. Chappell say that in all their travels, they have found no state as good as our own for a real home. They are back to stay. 



Harry Whistler is engaged in drilling a well on his farm. 


School will open in this district Tuesday, Sept. 6th, with Mrs. Myrtle Fairlee of Berne as teacher, again. 



— Ivan Gifford was called to Norton Hill, Greene county, on Tuesday to attend the funeral services for the late Mr. Gifford, his brother, whose body arrived here from France recently. Mr. Gifford was killed in the war. 

— The annual Grange picnic, held here last Saturday, did not draw the usual crowd. The attendance was good in the late afternoon, but not like the gatherings of former years. 

— In coming home from market one night last week about one o’clock, Ernest Goodfellow, when near Joseph Hilton’s residence in his Ford touring car, ran too close to the edge of a small bridge, and the car went off into the ditch, damaging the car to some extent but not injuring the occupants. Mr. Goodfellow had to walk home and in the morning, the car was towed to Kupke’s garage in New Salem to be repaired. 

— In the severe electrical storm, which reached this place on Tuesday evening, lightning destroyed the barns and contents owned by Frank Oliver and C. S. Woodworth, just a short distance out of the village. Mr. Oliver lives on his place but Mr. Woodworth is a resident of this village and at present his farm is rented to George Oliver. Fortunately most of the stock was out in pasture and they were saved but all the crops and farming utensils were destroyed. The storm was one of the worst, if not the worst, that has been in this vicinity this summer. Other villages, adjoining, had small fires but they were soon extinguished. 



Manley Willsey has purchased a new Studebaker six roadster. 


D and H. Gets Land at Duanesburgh for Terminal 

The Delaware and Hudson company has filed several deeds with the county clerk of Schenectady county conveying land to it in the towns of Glenville, Duanesburg and Rotterdam. The land in this town was bought from Hanna S. and James Ostrander for $2,250. The second piece of property in this town was bought from Louis B. Moore and Jennie S. Moore for $1,500. It is believed that the land has been acquired for the freight terminal which the company is planning to build.

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