Garden gnome has lost its light

To the Editor:

On Saturday morning, I went out on my porch to water my plants and happened to look down at my gnome statues. Low and behold, the solar part to one of my gnomes was missing.

I don’t know who took it or how long it’s been missing but whoever did, I hope you enjoy it. You didn’t have to steal it, all you had to do was ask me and I would've given it to you. That’s the kind of lady that I am.

I have been living on Maple Avenue over 12 years and have been decorating around that tree all these years and nothing has been taken until now. I don’t put the stuff around the tree for me; I do it for the little kids who go by and enjoy it. So you’re not hurting me; you’re hurting the kids.

Next time you want anything from me, please don’t steal it; ring my doorbell, and I’ll give it to you.

P.S. At least you left the gnome; thanks. Apparently you don’t like them!

Gloria White


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