Ignoring counter protesters would be more useful reporting

To the Editor:

I am a former Knox resident, retired now in St. Augustine, Florida. Yesterday, I saw the article in The Enterprise regarding the Black Lives Matter rally in Berne.

I was deeply troubled by the amount of coverage afforded the counter protesters. This rally was specific to the BLM movement and yet there were several paragraphs about and even quotes from those who were there in opposition to this rally. This plays directly into the hands of those who insist that the BLM movement is a radical departure from our true democracy and is thus an unnecessary, unpatriotic activity.

Ignoring or merely mentioning their presence and focusing solely on the speakers and purpose of this gathering would be more useful reporting. By giving them so much ink, you encourage their truly negative behavior.

I applaud the efforts of Laurie Searl and was encouraged by the voices who spoke, including Ms. [CiCi] Ferrara, Jim Lemire, and Bob Hoffman. Though the Hilltowns are certainly not known for diversity, it is people such as these folks who awaken the senses and awareness in the bucolic and beautiful hills that I used to call home.

Jay Baumstein

Retired Hilltown resident

St. Augustine, Florida

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