Pit bulls can be loyal, caring, and fun pets

To the Editor:

Late last month, my husband and I went to the big pet-adoption event at the Animal Hospital in Guilderland. We were amazed by what a fabulous event it was.

On the practical side, there was free water for all the dogs and humans. Attendees brought their own pets and everyone was so well behaved. There were at least 15 different rescue organizations there, mostly local and breed-specific, so you could talk to folks and find out what they were doing to help (and meanwhile pet and play with the dogs they’d brought). It was great!

We specifically wanted to meet the Out of the Pits people, who are dedicated to rescuing and placing pit bulls. Among all the pits there to meet potential adopters was a smart, lively three-legged dog brought here all the way from Lebanon that would have surely been killed there.

Three brave people helped it get here. I know there will be those who will say we have enough of our own troubles, but a fine dog’s life was spared.

All the pit bulls we met were adorable, but one really caught our heart. He was smart, friendly and loved people. We’re coming to realize this breed can be loyal, caring, and fun pets.

Back to the event as a whole, it was beautifully organized and run. Kudos to the Animal Hospital for putting on this event! We understand it does this annually with the support of other dog-related businesses and a small army of volunteers, all of whom were helpful and welcoming. This year was its seventh occurrence, and attendance has grown steadily.

Dog lovers should consider going to this event next year.

Meanwhile, anyone who likes flying or aircraft should check out the Empire State Aerosciences Museum at the Schenectady County Airport. We went there last week and were thrilled at the tremendous collection of aircraft and related items from balloons to jets, all right there to walk around, touch, and, in some cases, even get into. Lots of information on everything. Great for kids and adults.

Bonnie Laub


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