I feel violated

To the Editor:

Hello. I am writing because Mr. Fred Rogers once said to “look for the helpers.” I am also writing because there is a biblical expression: “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.”

Please visit Google Earth (must be Google Earth) and search for 15 Fletcher Road, Albany, NY 12203.

We have a sightline obstruction. A dangerous road condition. No permit. No town code enforcement. Maybe you are wondering why the Town of Guilderland has not enforced codes and ordinances. Me too.

Did you ever expect to get a letter like this from a neighbor, asking for your help to get the town to do its job? I feel violated. I expected equitable treatment by the town of Guilderland. When the town of Guilderland does not treat us all fairly under its codes and ordinances, we all suffer.  

Here’s how you can help:

— 1.  Call the highway superintendent to ask him to remove the “parking lot” (his words) at a neighboring property to 15 Fletcher Road, Albany, NY 12203. Ask him what he will do to be sure this “parking lot” never happens to any other property owner;

— 2. Call the Town of Guilderland town supervisor to ask him what he has done and to explain the parking situation in a R-15 neighborhood, Fletcher Road. Ask him what he will do to remedy the highway superintendent’s “parking lot” matter?  

Christine Duffy


Editor’s note: Christine Duffy lives at 15 Fletcher Rd. in Guilderland. See related story.

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