Disgusted with Enterprise for printing misogynist slur

To the Editor:

Words can hardly describe the utter disgust with this newspaper over its recent publishing of the article about Sarah Gordon. Specifically, we mean the printing of that repulsive “c-word.” We are appalled at the lack of journalistic ethics, poor etiquette, or severe lapse in judgement, whatever it may have been.

We understand what was written about Ms. Gordon was inexcusable, disgusting, and downright shameful but the fact that this paper had the audacity to publish that profanity so blatantly, blows our minds. Do you realize there are not just adult women but also children, who read this newspaper?

There should be no reason they have to see that word and possibly think that it is OK to start using it. Who’s to say they won’t go, “Well, it was in the newspaper! If they can say it, why can't I?” I'm sure we aren’t the only people to feel so upset about this — at least hopefully not.

As society evolves and the use of “hell” and other “smaller, less profane” terms become more “commonly used,” we can understand their use if used properly, in the right context, and if used as a direct quote. But the fact that this paper stooped so low as to print the full “c-word” without, at the very least, dashing out the remaining letters is wrong.

The full quote, let alone that word, wasn’t even needed at all for the reader to figure out what the author was trying to show. Not one bit. We understood the vile picture without the added derogatory word. 

Are we being prudes for taking issue with something that may be so small to some? We don't think so. As women — a mother and two young daughters — it should be pretty obvious to a newspaper that such a word (the word, not the context or background of the story) should not be printed or given the time of day.

You’ve successfully pent up some lowlife's comments that should never have been repeated and hopefully never will again. Do better. 

And although we may not agree with everything Ms. Gordon is saying or doing, there is no excuse or reason, not now and not ever, for anyone to be called such disgusting things. Moving forward, let us all also learn to disagree and talk to each other civilly and with respect. 

Sue, Marleana, and

Tarah VonHaugg


Editor’s note: We agree the word is horrible. We hate being called that ourselves. When we cover news, we try to report things — including hurtful words — as they are, even when it is uncomfortable. But pretending it didn’t happen or disguising it doesn’t accurately convey the insult or what Sarah Gordon has had to endure. We chose just one example; that slur and others are all online for anyone to see as responses to Gordon’s business guide.

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