America’s first real strongman

To the Editor:

Well, if you can't win by the numbers, in fact, if you are losing miserably, show them who really runs the show. Send in the guns and the batons and the hand grenades and the tear gas. Scare the daylights out of them with your unidentified thugs and your paramilitary Blackwater wannabes.

Then, maybe, they’ll be impressed and forget about the many thousands of loved ones dead from COVID or the lack of food on the table. Maybe they’ll be glad just to be alive.

This plan comes to the American people and possibly one day to Albany, New York courtesy of the current excuse for a president, Donald Trump. Next stop on this display of shock and awe we saw in Portland, Oregon just a few days ago is Chicago, another major city deemed in the outlaw category for not showing good leadership in controlling its protests. Need mention be made that Chicago recently elected as mayor Lori Lightfoot, a black woman, and a Democrat?

Hard to swallow for a leader who is a supremely insistent strongman.

The idea for the invasion and ideally, subjugation of American cities and all of America to Trump’s perceived “rule of law” is really the precursor to the full takeover of America in November if he does or does not win the election. This is practice time.

So far, he has done pretty well in his sandbox. The United States Senate, aka the Republican Party (minus the minority of Democratic senators) will not have a reason in Jacksonville in August to spend time on writing a party platform or getting too close to each other and eventually perhaps dying. They can just refer to the legislation they have either blocked, coming over from the Democratically controlled House, or they can recite the corporate bailouts given to their campaign donors during the pandemic. That should be adequate to tell voters where they stand.

Any expectations Republican senators will dissuade their strongman from his plan to knock citizens to the concrete willy nilly in the future is just plain foolish. The idea here is to show these arrogant Democrats they need to toe the line. That is, the Trump line. The Republican Senate, where the rubber really meets the road and a lot of people get run over, long ago left off its mission to represent its constituents.

There are two reasons Trump and his supporters will not accept the results of the 2020 election.

Number one, he would become insolvent almost overnight. Secondly, he will have had enough practice in the streets of America with accumulated wounded and dead (let us not count the increasing number of dead from the out-of-control virus) that he will be emboldened and believe no one will have the chutzpah to stand up to him.

After all, he will have the military and the paramilitaries all over the U.S. primed. He can become the strongest man ever seen in this nation. Think of it: America’s first real strongman — or to put it more bluntly, its first dictator.

Betty Head


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