Scaffolding on my property and derelict building remains for over two years

To the Editor:

I live on Staten Island, next to a building owned by Mr. Vasilios Lefkaditis. In May of 2017, the roof collapsed during a big storm.

The building had been abandoned for some time. Since then, there has been scaffolding up in front of the building and on the side in my alleyway on my property.  It destroyed my garbage pail and BBQ grill, which thankfully they replaced.

The scaffolding, however, has remained on my property all this time. This has been a source of a number of problems and an annoyance for me.

I have been in contact with Mr. Lefkaditis a number of times to express my feelings on this. Each time, I have been assured by him that he was getting an expeditor to clear up the violations the building has acquired but this expeditor is either nonexistent or incompetent since in two years’ time nothing has happened.

I don’t understand how someone in a position such as his in your town can let something like this continue.

David Murphy

Staten Island

Editor’s note: see related story.

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