Guilderland Democrats value women in government

To the Editor:

I’m addressing this letter to authors of the recent “An Open Letter to Guilderland Democrats.”

Your letter was condescending and displayed a lack of knowledge of the Guilderland Democratic Party.

I know firsthand how the Guilderland Democratic Party conducts itself.  

I’ve been involved with the Guilderland Democrats since the early nineties, and was first elected to public office in 2000.

I served as Guilderland’s town clerk for 13 years, and am now in my third year as a member of the Guilderland Town Board.

A “good old boy” network does not exist within the Guilderland Democratic Party.

Throughout this time, the Guilderland Democrats have been fair, open, and honest. Guilderland has Democratic women serving as town judges, town board members, town clerk, and receiver of taxes.

In addition to the elected officials that I have just enumerated, women also sit on every appointed board or committee in town government. We have had women serving in an elected capacity in Guilderland since the election of Virginia Horan to the town board some 35 years ago.

Your apparent ignorance of these facts reveals that you are not familiar with the town of Guilderland and the Guilderland Democrats, and the conclusion that you attempt to present, that the Guilderland Democrats do not value the role of women in government, is patently ludicrous.

Rosemary Centi


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