Is another sports bar what the diners of Voorheesville want?

To the Editor:
Don’t get me wrong — I think Voorheesville needs the shot in the arm that Ed Mitzen’s Business For Good can deliver. Their record of excellence and generosity is impressive. And their presentation materials were among the best I’ve ever seen from an applicant in my tenure on the Voorheesville Planning Commission.

However, while it looks great on paper, is what is proposed in proportion to the village? The Blackbirds Tavern seems just too big relative to the size and infrastructure of the village, especially in the proposed location.

At the March 2022 meeting of the planning commission, I remember asking the village to ask Business For Good for the survey it conducted during its event in October 2021, asking what kind of food venue the attendees wanted to see at 42 South Main St. and the results of that survey.

I also asked for more information about which causes would be sharing the contributions from the tavern.

I have since reiterated that request to the village and I hope the village is able to obtain the results of the survey and will make them public before a decision is made on the size and type of restaurant slated to occupy the 42 South Main St. site.

From what has been presented and discussed to date, I am assuming that the menu will track that of a traditional sports bar or pub. 

Aside from the issues around capacity, traffic (including train), parking, and hours of operation, I wonder if another pub food purveyor — like the new Northern Barrell gastropub, the soon to be up and running Romo’s, as well as the existing Brick House Pizza and Jaycees Pizza Depot — and sports bar with 17 televisions (including one in the “men’s” room! Why not in the “ladies’” room as well?) is really what the diners of Voorheesville want.

And let’s not forget Gracie’s Kitchen, whose lunch and dinner menu choices do not offer a significant departure from that hearty fare, although Gracie’s is more in keeping with the Voorheesville vibe.

There are a number of us less sports, beer, and burger oriented individuals (who completed the survey) looking for a cozy place to meet friends and family for a bite to eat and a glass of wine here in the village. It also appears that at least one person is looking for a more family-oriented venue.

If the results of the survey confirm this to be the will of the people so be it — but on a smaller scale hopefully.

P.S.: I am 100 percent in favor of the Blackbirds Bike Café as proposed.

Georgia Gray

Former Chair


Planning Commission

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