Many blindly follow someone else’s suggestion

To the Editor:

You might stop and think: Why do people throw their hands up in frustration regarding The Enterprise?

“Whoa” is you, because you received some nasty letters in response to the letter you printed from Mr. [Ed] Cowley. How you indicated it was “ironic” that people complained that you printed a nasty letter and then sent nasty letters to you and how magnanimous of you to print them! Then you went to great lengths defending yourself.

Cowley’s letter wasn’t as nasty as it was inflammatory. When the president suggests perhaps drinking bleach might be a good way to avoid COVID-19 – people ran out and tried it. Really?

This is the point we were trying to make to you. Where your level-headed mind says, “Well, that’s silly, people don’t do that anymore” — placing people in stocks in the village square thereby subjecting them to public humiliation — this is where people took offense.

There are many that blindly follow someone else’s suggestion thinking perhaps it’s a good idea.

It was careless on your end as editor of this paper.

Perhaps, you should consider saying, “I’m sorry; that was a huge error in judgement.” Instead of defending yourself, you might admit it may not have been the wisest thing you’ve done. Isn’t that what we teach our kids? Admit your mistake, apologize, try to learn from it and not do it again?

It’s pretty easy, Melissa; you ought to give it a try.

Once again identifying myself — the wife of Danny Ramirez, chairman of the Altamont Zoning Board of Appeals. 

Maureen Ramirez



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