Nursing home staff deserve all that’s owed to them and more

To the Editor:

In reading last week’s Altamont Enterprise regarding the pay loss and contract violations to the Guilderland Center nursing home staff, I was truly saddened to see that a protest became necessary to attract attention to this shameful situation.  I was a patient at the Guilderland Center nursing home last December, admitted for rehab after dealing with chemo treatments at Strong Memorial Cancer Center in Rochester.

When I arrived, I could not walk or use my hands due to neuropathy.  The nurses and rehab staff worked with me for four weeks, teaching me to use a walker along with hand exercises to recover my strength.

They worked with me to climb stairs and to use various leg and muscle techniques helping me to improve my motor skills.  Within a month, I was able to walk and independently take care of myself so I could return back home.

I cannot say enough for the encouragement, compassion, and kindness that the nurses and staff gave me in spirit to help me recover from my situation.  Today I am walking and back to work in my business, performing the skills of my trade and I am truly indebted to all those that helped in my recovery.

The staff at Guilderland nursing home are truly a special group of people who not only treated me, but who every day and night take care of the elderly and less fortunate, giving them the best quality of life possible to live out their days.  Very few people can handle a job of that nature and they deserve every dime and item in their contract that is owned to them

 I would hope that the Grand Healthcare System fulfills its obligations to all the dedicated and hardworking staff and nurses that work at Guilderland Center nursing home.

Joseph J. Merli


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