It’s time to let Kenneth White’s sisters heal

To the Editor:
I am a social worker who spent a considerable amount of time counseling Cheyanne and Christine Dunn, the sisters of Kenneth White, prior to their adoption [“Adoptive mother of Kenneth White’s sisters asks Kenneth’s Army to stop using his name,” The Altamont Enterprise, May 31, 2022].

Although my services as their social worker ended, I continued to be involved as a family friend, and we have remained close even as they have moved to Florida, as I had come to love the girls and their adoptive mother, Linda Dunn. I can attest that their adoptive mom, a single parent, loves these girls as though they were her own.

I have permission to speak about my experiences with Cheyanne and Christine shortly after their brother was killed right up to the present day. Both girls have extreme Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to their abuse and the horrific tragedy of witnessing Kenny’s death.

Christine talks about the heinous act often in detail. While Cheyanne tends to be more closed and only talks about her twin brother to certain people, those she truly loves and trusts, her mom, Linda, being one of those support people.

Both girls have required and will continue to need ongoing therapeutic counseling and medication. Both girls have expressed out-of-control anger and sometimes violent behavior. This behavior can be a recurring thing, often unpredictable and triggered by disturbing memories from their past.

This was seen as Kenneth’s Army actions triggered disturbing memories and emotional outbursts during my last visit with the Dunn family in April 2022. During my five-day stay, Cheyanne had two meltdowns. Cheyanne is aware that Kenneth’s Run is around the beginning of June and, while at school, Cheyanne googled the event, pulled up the information about the run, and saw pictures of her brother.

This is extremely unhealthy for the girls to be on this emotional rollercoaster. Both struggle with emotional outbursts and irrational behavior due to their brother’s loss. It’s time to let them heal. It’s time to let them move on.

The continued use by Kenneth’s Army of Kenny’s tragic murder, his name, and the pictures of this innocent child is like pouring salt in an open wound for Christine and Cheyanne. If this organization truly believes in its purpose, it can continue its mission without Kenny’s name and pictures under any other name they choose.

If they genuinely want to help those who have suffered, they need to look at what they are doing to both of Kenneth’s sisters

Lisa Ackerman-Todt


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