If you are sick and tired of lies, vote for change

To the Editor:

A letter to the editor from a “person who is connected to the town government” is appearing in The Altamont Enterprise this week that contains a bald-faced lie about me. This letter has been described to me as stating that I am financially benefiting from the sale of a piece of property that I do not own and have no legal responsibility for.

I do not know yet who wrote this letter, but since I am running in a primary for town board, it would make sense that this letter is coming from someone who supports my opponents. It is disgraceful that someone would stoop so low in order to win an election. If they are willing to lie about me, then you can assume that they lie about other things.  

When I decided to run for town board, I knew I would be facing established Democratic candidates endorsed by the Guilderland Democratic Committee also known as a political machine. I knew from past experience that they would wait until the end of the campaign to try and attack my character. I knew the attacks would be unfair and that they would be launched at the end of the primary so that I would not have time to respond.

What is happening in this race is very predictable but still disappointing. I have put my reputation and my family’s reputation on the line in order to give the residents of Guilderland a choice between the conservative status quo and a candidate with true Democratic values.  

As we come to the close of the primary race, as expected, the messengers for the endorsed candidates, [Paul] Pastore and [Amanda] Beedle, have been and will be resorting to character assignation, smears, and dishonest and misleading attacks simply because we have chosen to primary their preferred candidates.

I suppose if they had a better message for the voters than keeping the status quo, they would not have to resort to such dishonorable actions. I believe the people of this town have had enough of these tactics and deserve better. It is our right in a democracy to run for office and spread our message to the voters without fear of intimidation, bullying, and lying.

To the residents, if you are sick and tired of the lies and want change then we have to vote for change in the primary on June 22, 2021, before it is too late. Think about what our town will look like in another four years if we do not vote for change now.

Do not assume that because someone runs as a Democrat that they share your values. My opponents Pastore and Beedle do not even put their party affiliation on their campaign signs and are also running on the Conservative Party ticket, as all Guilderland Democratic candidates have done for years.

Christine M. Napierski

Democratic candidate for

Guilderland Town Board

Editor’s note: Christine M. Napierski also signed her letter as “Wife of Tony Siracusa and sometimes known as Christine Napierski Siracusa.”

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