Join us for a Bio-Blitz at Switzkill Farm

To the Editor:

The Switzkill Farm Board would like to invite all interested individuals to participate in the first-ever Switzkill Farm Bio-Blitz to be held June 10, at the farm, starting at 9 a.m. Our one-day event will be an exciting and fun gathering of volunteers who will work in teams to locate and identify living organisms in the beautiful woods and fields, streams and ponds, of the property.

We will be exploring six areas of living organisms: birds; insects and arachnids (arthropods); reptiles and amphibians; pond life; herbaceous plants; mosses, lichens, liverworts, and fungi.

Any and all interested individuals may participate. From beginner to advanced, students to teachers, there is a place for all. Each participant may choose the group with which they’d like to work: The goal will be to locate and identify species within a given area. Sign in when you arrive, no pre-registration necessary.

Group leaders, experts in their field, will guide each group. All the equipment needed to capture and identify species will be on hand: field guides, sweep nets, hand lenses, microscopes, etc.

Berne’s Conservation Board, in partnership with the Switzkill Farm Board, are sponsoring the event. The Conservation Board will provide T-shirts for the first 50 individuals signing in, while the Switzkill Farm Board will host a barbecue for all participants.

Please consider joining us for this exciting event. It will be a great way to meet and re-acquaint with your friends and neighbors, while having fun amid the beauty of early summer in Switzkill Farm’s verdant fields and forest.

Hope to see you there!

Karen Schimmer

Berne Town Board Liaison

Switzkill Farm Board and

Berne Conservation Board

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