Primary will avoid another raucous caucus

To the Editor:

Last week, The Enterprise printed a missive from June Springer that reminded us that election season is here once more [“On Primary Day, Knox Dems should vote for GOPO slate”].

Reading through her somewhat bitter diatribe, directed at the Knox Democratic Committee, and noticing how very specific she was concerning specific dates and individuals, it appears that [Knox Supervisor Vasilios] Lefkaditis has made another of his “woe, despair, and agony on me” snowballs and selected June Springer to toss it.

Her letter would have us believe that the slate of Lefkaditis and his handpicked puppet candidates are somehow being maligned and victimized by the Knox Democratic Committee because that committee  has switched to the primary system rather than holding a caucus.

This is even after Lefkaditis and his slate have been ensured Conservative, Independence, and Republican party lines on this year’s November election ballot.

Lefkaditis seems to hold the belief that his slate is the only one that should be presented to voters in November. His challenge in this primary is an unnecessary attempt, at taxpayer expense, to claim a fourth line on the November ballot by putting his slate on the Democratic line as well as the other three lines it already has.

The Democratic Committee has switched to the primary process and by doing so is avoiding and not having to witness another ruckus caused by a raucous caucus.

Ed Nicholson


Editor’s note: Ed Nicholson works part-time for the town, helping the assessor, Russell Pokorny, who is running for supervisor with endorsement of the Knox Democratic Committee.

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