Altamont Enterprise May 13, 1921



A preliminary announcement by the Department of Commerce, Bureau of Agriculture Census, for 1920, shows some interesting figures in reference to Albany county farms. 

At the beginning of 1920 there were 2,946 farms in the county, a slight decrease from the report of 1910. 

Of these farms 2,295 were operated by owners and managers and 651 by tenants. Compared with 1910, there are 11 percent less farms run by tenants in 1920. 

The total acreage of these farms is 273,231, and the improved acreage 207,472. 



During Monday night someone broke into the post office at Esperance village and blew open the safe. No one seems to have heard the explosion, as blankets were used to deaden the sound. 

From thirty to fifty dollars in war saving stamps was taken, as near as Postmaster Barup can figure out, and a few other things of more or less equal value. 


There are quite a number of the school children, who are unable to attend school because of measles. 



Death has again come to the community of Voorheesville, in the passing of Thomas Bewsher. Mr. Bewsher was born in England 83 years ago, coming to this country when a young man, locating in business in Albany. When 43 years of age he saw the financial possibilities of Voorheesville and, desirous of rearing his family in the country, made large purchases of real estate in the village. In his hardware store and general mercantile business he served a large and appreciative constituency, profiting financially thereby. All these past 40 years while in Voorheesville, he had been a marked man for his sterling integrity, virility of mind, and unquestioned veracity. When death called him on Tuesday, April 26, with but a few hours warning, he was abundantly prepared for man’s great adventure. 

Mr. Bewsher leaves four children to mourn his going: Addie, Laura and Thomas of Voorheesville, and Walter of Reading, California. Relatives and friends carried him from his happy home, to his windowless one in the New Scotland cemetery, and placed him by the side of his wife, now 15 years in glory. 



— Weather conditions for the last few days have not been favorable for the growing of vegetables and small garden truck on account of the continued cold spell. Frost was reported by several in the village on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, and in some places on the hill ice formed to a thickness of a quarter of an inch. 

— Sunday, May 8, a special collection was taken in the Lutheran Sunday school for the China famine fund. It amounted to $50. 



Born on May 4, a baby daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William Barkman. The baby, not full grown and weighing only a bit over three pounds, was placed in the baby incubator in the Maternity hospital at Albany. The baby is doing well at present.



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