I would vote for my mom, she works hard to help the community

To the Editor:
If I were able to vote, I would vote for my mom, Jenn Romano. Why? Well, why not?

She was there for people. She made amazing things from her head, like a bone cage for Zazu in “The Lion King,” and she makes amazing birthday plans, cakes, and themes. She was always with me when I was down and supported me when I was number 1. She helped me get over my worst times and made my best.

In first grade, she helped make Westmere’s playground safer after an incident I could do nothing about. She gave it her all to add cameras, give walkie-talkies to teachers, and asked them to spread out and pay better attention.

I made a campaign video for my mom and let everyone know that a vote for Jenn Romano is a vote for kids’ safety!


My mom, Jennifer Romano, is running for the Guilderland School Board and I wanted to write about her and all the great things she’s done. I am really excited for her to run, and I’m also in awe of how she’s worked so hard to help the community.

My mom is the creator of the “Got Sneakers?” fund for safety and inclusion! The program helped fund my old school, Westmere Elementary, to have better safety, and more inclusive equipment on the playground! She was able to raise money to buy a spinner and swing for special kids, and helped get security cameras for the fields outside, and walkie-talkies so the staff could stay in contact in case of emergencies, and more!

The “Got Sneakers?” program has made it super far and has raised thousands of dollars! The program has collected tons of shoes from several walks and races and has been invited to the Freihofer’s women’s and children’s run!

And that was only the beginning. My mom has done tons of community work, and she was also a set parent for my middle school musical! My mom has worked super hard to keep the community safe and has worked to contribute to small causes.

Not only that but, when she says she will put her ideas into action, she does just that! I think that she would be the perfect school board member!


I would vote for my mom, Jenn Romano, because she has been doing amazing things for as long as I can remember, from planning birthdays all the way to making a sneaker fund for playgrounds for children with disabilities.

She has been doing things in between as well, like marching for gun safety, going to Black Lives Matter protests, and going to the Best Buddies walk. These are amazing things, and it has not even scratched the surface of the things she’s done.

She devoted her time to helping our community like taking the time to build props for the Lion King Jr. play, making Scar’s cave, a Zebra leg, and Rafiki’s staff. She also always goes to the baseball field when they need assistance in the field.

She does not only help with that, but she helps me with everyday life as my mom, driving me to practice, making me dinner, and everything else you could ask for.

I’ve seen a lot of situations at school she can help with, so if you vote for Jenn Romano then you could be changing the lives of plenty of kids.

Jaiden Barlin-Romano, Sixth-grader; Jordan Barlin-Romano, Sixth-grader; Jensen Barlin-Romano, Fourth-grader;



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